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Currently working at QA Consulting.

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Desktop Applications

I have working experience building WinForms applications using C#, and have used Python as a prototyping language for small applications. Whilst at University I gained experience using Java, and C++.

Front End Web Development

I have a strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS (including the use of SCSS) and JavaScript, including the use of frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap, and automating tasks with the use of build tools such as Gulp.js. I also have CMS experience using Joomla, and Wordpress. I also have personal experience of using the Jade templating language.

Backend Web Development

I have good working knowledge of the .NET Framework using C#, and implementing patterns such as MVC, MVVM, and Onion Architecture. This was backed by Entity Framework and LINQ. I also have a good working knowledge of PHP, in both a professional and personal role, including working with WordPress plugins. I have personal experience using Node.js with Express.

Database Development

I have used SQL Server, and have a good working knowledge of building and maintaining MySQL databases. I also have an understanding, and personal use of NoSQL databases using MongoDB, and graph databases with Neo4j.

Version Control

Have experience using Git, Apache Subversion and Team Foundation Server for version control.


Experience using Vagrant for virtualisation, provisioning using Puppet, and web services with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


I have also had professional and personal experience using Regular Expression for pattern matching.

I am comfortable using many operating systems such as Windows (XP - 10, with Windows Server from 2008 to 2016), Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, and Debian, as well as Mac OS X including the use of the terminal. I have also been involved with the creation of both bash and Powershell scripts for automating tasks such as installs.

Have had many years experience using programs such as the whole Microsoft Office suite. I have worked with a range of IDEs including Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ and Dreamweaver.

I hold a full UK driving license.


IT Consultant QA Consulting

Manchester April 2016 - Present

During this time I completed training on analysing business processes, and how to improve them using BPMNs and other modelling techniques.

I then trained in a DevOps position using tools such as Puppet, Vagrant and Amazon Web Services, which was supported by the use of Java and Bash scripting.

AWS Consultant KCOM

Ipswich June 2016 - January 2017

Contracted in this role from QA Consulting.

In this role I primarily worked with Amazon Web Services, utilising CloudFormation and the AWS console to deploy and manage stacks. The resources worked are extensive and include the use of EC2, RDS, VPCs, as well as CloudTrail and CloudWatch for logging. As part of this I am involved with quality assurance checks to ensure that the environment is configured as required. This includes comparing the built environments against buildsheets and correcting these if errors are found.

This role includes regular maintenance including updates and patching, additional firewall configurations and general management of multiple AWS environments. I have also been involved in the development of both bash and Powershell script for automation.

Web Developer xibo Marketing

Cardiff January 2015 - March 2016

In this position I was part of a small team working on a number of varied projects. The main project we worked on was labelled the ‘Nexus’ which was a central database and ERP system to manage the business. This project was created using C#, applying code first methodologies with Entity Framework.

I also worked on several solo side projects including a customer facing system to allow customers to engage with, and respond to a current order. This was created using PHP and JavaScript with jQuery alongside other frameworks.

I was also the primary person in charge of the existing company database. This involved ongoing maintenance, customisation, and developing core new features to represent new products. I also managed the migration process of company data from Google Drive to an internal file share.

I was also involved in work on the WordPress plugin 'UpdraftPlus'. This included the use of JavaScript with jQuery for an interactive frontend, with the use of PHP for the backend.

My final project in this position was the work on the WordPress plugin 'UpdraftCentral'. This was a plugin which would allow the management of many different WordPress sites from a single site. My work on this was largely front-end, and involved the creation of a mobile and screen responsive front-end, as well as JavaScript with jQuery for user interaction.

Shop Assistant ASDA

Brynmawr November 2011 - December 2014

In this job I had to work in a team of around 10 people, which could often be under pressure due to the volume of customers. It was my job to keep stock replenished and available, while also helping any customers with any queries that they might have.


Computing University of South Wales (formerly the University of Glamorgan)

Treforest 2011 - 2014

I completed this 3 year degree with a 2:1. My final year was comprised of the following modules:

A Levels Brynmawr Foundation School

Brynmawr 2009-2011

A-Levels in: ICT (B), Geography (C), and Biology (D).

GCSEs Glyncoed Comprehensive School

Ebbw Vale 2004-2009

GCSEs in: ICT (A), Science (B, B), and Mathematics (C).

Hobbies & Interests

I am a runner and have participated in half marathons, I also cycle, and am a keen footballer.

During my free time I also enjoy programming and learning new things, as well as reading, gaming and watching TV shows.

I am also self-taught, to a novice level, in both Welsh and Dutch.

I have built and repaired/maintained my household computers, and also have a Raspberry Pi which I have used for various projects.


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